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The Existence of Sex Savety Utensil's Provider in Indonesia

This is my essay for Final Assignment of Academic Writing

The Existence of Sex Savety Utensil’s Provider in Indonesia

The use of condom’s problem much called as psychological problem. Men, in general, won’t use condom by reason it makes uncomfortable. Beside that, they won’t use condom when they are having sex because they are too shy to buy condom in the apotec, medical store, and minimarket. Yet, many people knows that couple who had sex without wear condom actually risky affected to happened HIV/AIDS virus. Because of that, to prevent HIV/AIDS in order to not become spread out, government and some Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which care about HIV/AIDS problem continually campaign the use of condom. High rate of HIV/AIDS suspect in Indonesia, makes our government think hard to find a new breakthrough which could encourage the use of condom in Indonesia. Indonesia government has realizationed this campaign since 2005. Our government has released a breakthrough relate to this problem. ‘ATM Condom’, was the name of it. In the matter of fact, there are 125 ATM Condom has been realizationed since December 2005 ago, at the same time as a step of socialization. Now, the existence has runned for 4 years. These ATM Condom have been spread in some of the city and has been provided by private side which, off course, coordinate with government institution that handle this problem, Badan Koordinator Keluarga Berencana Nasional (BKKBN). ATM Condom’s existence where notabene as a feature of providing condom freely, actually simplify public in order not to become lazy again to buy condom to be used, so that unsavety sex behavior can be prevented besides, it can push down the high fertility rate in Indonesia. But, this problem also means that free sex has been legalizationed. Moreover, wheter there is or not, ATM Condom does not vouch the risk of infection HIV/AIDS virus for public in Indonesia will be less, actually it is all depend on public personality.

Form of ATM Condom machine, indeed, not as popular as general ATM which has been used by bank owner in Indonesia. ATM Condom is much more similar to electric guardhouse sized 1 x 0,5 metres. This ATM has white as the background and had been built by matter from zinc. The spots are spread in some of city in Indonesia, even 7 units has been provided in some spots in Jakarta. General facility which not else is this ATM Condom will simplify public to get the savety utensil in doing sexual intercourse based on needs and right exactly at the time when it is needed. This general feature is the right way to solve embarassed feeling of men if they should buy condom in the apotec, medical store, and minimarket. By ATM Condom, the privacy will be kept because they only have to put 3 metallic coins of Rp 500,00 into this machine to get a pack of condom, filled by 3 condoms. The application to use this machine is easy and so general. Because the way is really simple, so consumens should be encouraged to use this facilitiy. If it happens, this problem solving will be one of the ways to lessen unsavety sex behavior.

Besides, ATM Condom is needed to suppress population growth. What has to be known, is at the basic, the use of condom is able to suppress population growth. Why? By using condom, potency of pregnancy can be lessen along the condom does not leak. The use of condom correctly makes sperma of man cannot come into woman’s vagina. By correct usage, a couple of human who did sexual intercourse can lighten the potency of pregnancy. If pregnancy can be lighten, so that fertility rate in Indonesia can be lighten too. Government hopes population growth can be pushed down, therefore ATM Condom is needed as the feature to provide condom.

In the other hand, ATM Condom generally emerging opinions, what government do has the same meaning by free sex legalization. People knows that free sex is exactly doesn’t fit with norma and east culture as they say still should have been wiped out. Free sex which should be banned instead of permitted by ATM Condom. Seeing that how easy the access to get condom, not seldom and has not been doubted, this facility will being benefitted by unmarried couple. So that, by ATM Condom, will lure them to do free sex. Especially for teenagers, who is the most susceptible to do free sex as unmarried couple. It could be happen, because ATM Condom, as if motivate public to do free sex with no anxious to be pregnant or happened risky affected of sex desease and HIV/AIDS virus. This thing lead to opinion, is Indonesia government really wants to push down high speed of dissemination of HIV/AIDS virus or even fertiling prostitution.

Actually, this breakthrough, ATM Condom, is not a new one in internasional world. Some of big countries, especially in Europe and America, the government has provided this feature since a few years ago. In Indonesia, survey about dissemination of HIV/AIDS virus has been held by our government in 2002, then data shows that 3 millions of men in 10 provinces in Indonesia has become consumer of prostitute. Only a few of them who has used condom when they did sexual intercourse with worker of prostitute. Must be written, this number does not represent the real condition, because survey only covering people who were relative to be rated, such as truck driver, labour, and other weak society of economics. It was becaused the institution which has the duty about this, find difficulties to do survey for people such as employees, politicians, officer, or businessman. Seeing how high the risk of dissemination number of HIV/AIDS virus which caused from disusage of condom, it is natural if our government try to find some ways to solve the problem. Our government then, do many ways to push down dissemination number. One of them is by build ATM Condom. Because of that, it is clear if our government not only follow trend of the world about ATM Condom, but surely in order to handle problem inside their own country. But, the ways which government has done, actually won’t happen as the plan goes on without realization of public itself. Popularity of free sex that happen in various society of public Indonesia nowadays, is not caused by easy-or-not to get condom, but it is more caused by each human personality and how they behave in their lifetime. Lifestyle, behavior, and another enviromental factor such as friends will give more affect for human to do free sex. Because of that, ATM Condom’s existence does not absolute vouch that free sex will be less and it does not also vouch the dissemination of HIV/AIDS virus could be prevented.

After many years of ATM Condom existence, comes many questions. By condom existence, will it vouch that people won’t go to prostitution? How people will buy condom if they haven’t conscious yet about threatening danger? And if the problem is about low consciousness to use condom, so what is the solution by provide ATM Condom? It is need to insulted that in Indonesia, in the matter of fact, conscioussness of condom usage is still minim. What should we do right now is by grow some human patience about how important condom usage for public who susceptible alternate between couple. It is caused, more public has not know yet clearly about advantages of the condom usage itself. Public have limitation of knowledge about condom. They only know that condom could lessen sexual enjoyment. This tought has to be finished by giving access of information, workshops, and some discusses. Those things that needed to be done before government provide ATM Condom. If the information or sosialization relate to advantages of condom has not been done, so that supplying of ATM Condom will be useless. If there are ATM Condom, is it a certainty that public who use condom will increase? In fact, Indonesia different with another European and Americans which the public has got well knowledge and understand how important of condom usage, so that ATM Condom existence indeed give many advantages for people there. Beside that, another way that could be done is to do identification of men citizen who often having sex with prostitute and then do changing of educational sexual behavior or giving important knowledge of condom usage to prevent unsavety sex behavior, and also lighten the risk of HIV/AIDS’s dissemination. This solution also applied for unmarried couple who doesn’t use condom yet when they have sexual intercourse. But actually, upon it all, the best solution from this problem is by avoid sexual intercourse or free sex, which people know it is a forbidden behavior seeing from every human perspective. Especially, for people who still have potential of alternate between couple, either men who often go to prostitute and unmarried couple. While ATM Condom, it should become the last way to solve the problem after all of hard work of our government do in many ways cannot be applied anymore.

Four years has been missed since ATM Condom existence begin to be applied by our government. Altough the existence is still being questioned. Pro and contra were then come up. If people want to muse, actually the existence is able to bring many advantages for public in Indonesia. In the process, really our government not by short-term thinking to release ATM Condom in Indonesia, and not only imitate other countries all over the world that has cultivate these feature. Pros and cons has been considered by the government, is it will touch the target, which is to prevent dissemination of HIV/AIDS virus can be reached or not. Moreover, ATM Condom as the condom provider, can suppress population growth. Formulate, the existence shouldn’t be questioned anymore. ATM Condom actually could simplify public to get condom without hesitate like when they have to buy condom in the apotec, medical store, or minimarket. With the high usage of condom, our country hope either that dissemination of HIV/AIDS virus can be less and population growth in Indonesia can be pushed down. Neverthless, it cannot be denied that the existence of ATM Condom has the same meaning by free sex legalization. Anyhow, supplying of this feature does not vouch public will use condom in their sexual intercourse, because it is actually depend on personality and emotion by people themselves.

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